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The Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) would like you to join the Advocates for Neuro-Immune Disease Awareness (ANIDA) to help us and the thousands of other Advocates 4 Answers, tell others about the importance of research and treatment for those who suffer from acquired neuro-immune diseases (NID) which impact millions of people worldwide. No matter how you choose to get involved your participation will support awareness of neuro-immune diseases and benefit the important work of WPI.

We have come a long way toward finding underlying causes and treatments, but the work must continue. We know we cannot do it alone, we must all work together to share our passion for finding meaningful treatments and ultimately a cure. Help us by building support for all the critical work of WPI including basic and clinical research, outreach and advocacy on behalf of all those who suffer from NID. Together we can support one another as we strengthen our community and accomplish our goals.

Once you are an advocate you can help ANIDA and WPI take steps toward improving the research and funding dollars given to neuro-immune disease research. Remember that advocacy is about communication and relationships. An advocacy group can effect change by communicating the importance of understanding complex diseases. A few of the ways you can help are located in the Act Now section of the website.

Please take a moment to watch a few of our videos to motivate and educate yourself in preparation for your new advocacy role.

We want to include our advocates as part of our online community by sharing your videos, photos, and letters of your advocacy efforts. Please send letters and photos to and a link to your video on YouTube and we will share as many as we can.

As a registered advocate you can help communicate the need for research and funding of neuro-immune disease.

Together with the WPI we are proud to bring together those who support discovery, education, advocacy and outreach for neuro-immune disease. We know how important each person is to spread the message of hope and encourage others to join us in our cause. Whether you are personally impacted or know someone who is, you can make a difference by becoming an advocate. Sign up now to receive regular updates that help guide you to fulfill your role as an advocate for neuro-immune disease. Together we can work to find a cure!

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